Volunteer EMS Consulting

Volunteer EMS squads are, in reality, community non-profit EMS agencies subsidized by volunteer labor. Keeping your agency viable in today's economic and healthcare climate requires sound business management and leadership strategies. We can provide the expertise in marketing, public advocacy, recruitment and retention, fiscal management and leadership necessary to assure that your non-profit EMS agency not only survives, but thrives. Download a workshop brochure and pricing guide.

 Skill-Builder Workshops and Lectures

Everywhere you look in the news, it seems that volunteer EMS is in crisis. From declining tax revenues and other funding obstacles to challenges in recruitment and retention, pundits and industry leaders agree; volunteer EMS will soon be a relic of the past. Yet, over 60% of EMS care in the United States is still provided by volunteers. Volunteerism in the United States has never been higher, yet somehow EMS has not been able to attract few of these potential recruits.

The reality is,volunteer EMS isn't going away anytime soon, but the old way of doing volunteer EMS is. Let MEDIC Training Solutions help your volunteer EMS agency abandon old, failed strategies and create a new volunteer EMS paradigm.

 Need more information?

  • Documentation and ePCR

  • Managing cardiac arrest

  • All about vital signs and assessment

  • Geriatric falls and fractures

  • Recognizing and managing overdoses

  • Extrication 101

  • All about CPAP

  • The Airway Continuum

  • BVM ventilation and ALS airway assist skills

  • To expose or not to expose?

  • Monitor application and 12-lead acquisition

  • Care and transportation of children

  • Sports injuries

  • Care and feeding of your intercept medic

  • BLS: It doesn't mean Basic Lifting Service