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Redesigning Volunteer EMS Podcast

Everywhere you look, some pundit or EMS consultant is saying that volunteer EMS is in peril, yet the solutions they propose are the same ones that have been failing for 25 years. In the Redesigning Volunteer EMS podcast, host Nancy Magee and her guests explore novel, real-world solutions to what ails your volunteer agency. Nancy brings a businesswoman's perspective with the heart of a volunteer, and shows you real-world examples of how you can reverse the trend and turn your squad around. Redesigning Volunteer EMS: It's the podcast for EMS volunteers, by EMS volunteers.

Inaugural Episode

Kicking off 2022 with a new podcast, by volunteers, for volunteers! Find out what we're all about!

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Episode 01: Introduction

Episode 01: Recorded live at the exhibit hall of Foxwoods Casino Resort at EMS Pro Expo 2021. Kelly and Nancy discuss her EMS and business background, her philosophy on what is troubling volunteer EMS, and her perspective on how to go about changing it.

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Episode 02: Interview With Sean Fitch of EMS Pro Expo

Nancy and Kelly discuss the EMS Pro Expo with one of the event organizers, Sean Fitch. If you've never been to an EMS conference, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to network, enjoy the fellowship of other EMTs, and learn about EMS outside the "silo" of your own agency.

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Episode 03: Interview With Doug Dole of CAPE

Kelly Grayson interviews paramedic Doug Dole of the Connecticut Association of Paramedics and EMTs, a grassroots EMS advocacy organization that has done wonderful things in advocating for recognition and benefits for EMS providers, including volunteers. Do you or your squad members belong to a national or state professional EMS advocacy organization? If not, how do you get your message to the civic leaders and elected officials in your community?

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Episode 04: All About Volunteering

Episode 05: Texas EMS Conference

Episode 06: Car Talk - Education

Episode 07: Car Talk - Community Engagement

Episode 08: Volunteers Are to Blame for Everything?

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